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Srinivasan Parthiban

Parthys Reverse Informatics, India

Srinivasan Parthiban is the founder of Parthys Reverse Informatics, a leading information research which supplies solutions for all the aspects in Biomedical and Health Informatics including Machine Learning and Drug Discovery Informatics. Srinivasan Parthiban earned his PhD from the Indian Institute of Science, specializing in Computational Chemistry. He holds dual Masters Degree- one in Science and the other in Engineering. He has authored several international and national research publications and a Chapter in a book. He worked for NASA Ames Research Center (USA), Weizmann Institute of Science (Israel) and AstraZeneca. Later, Parthi moved into Contract Research Organizations in India, where he headed Knowledge Engineering Business Units.




The Next Era: Deep Learning for Biomedical Research (II-SDV 2017) Pharmaceutical Companies and Social Media: Developing New Strategies (II-SDV 2013) KOL Analytics from Biomedical Literature (II-SDV 2016)
Srinivasan  Parthiban
Srinivasan Parthiban