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Call for Papers

2019 II-SDV Meeting Nice,  8 - 9 April 2019


Call for Offers of Presentations


Offers of presentations should include an informative title, a short, descriptive abstract as to what will be covered, plus a short biography of the proposed speaker. News of entirely new products, or beta versions of substantial upgrades to existing products, may be of interest to meeting attendees. Presentations accepted will be expected to make real contributions to the field of new trends, mainly in scientific, technical, business, patent and information searching, analysis and data mining, or in furthering the understanding of the meeting participants in the general search and intelligence tools and mining areas. All presentations will be in full sessions; there are no breakout or parallel sessions at this meeting. The conference language will be English.
Those presenting will be given one free registration to the two-day conference (one registration per presentation). Speaker expense reimbursement will not normally be offered.
Please send offers by email to Christoph Haxel at Dr. Haxel CEM GmbH (c@haxel.com)
Deadline is November 2018. However, offers received prior to this date will also be welcome.

Presentations should emphasise new trends in intelligence, search, mining and visualization research and technology, and directly related areas


Some theme areas of particular interest for the 2019 Meeting are:
  • Joint presentations by a user with a vendor concerning new software implementation.
  • Artificial intelligence, Machine Learning, Machine Translation and Deep Learning
  • New tools for competitive intelligence.
  • Developments in search engines, including personalization, recommendation engines, collaborative filtering.
  • New visualization tools and mapping.
  • New tools for analysing or manipulating big data, including news analysis.
  • New data and text mining tools.
  • Advances in text searching and analysis (such as patent, techno-economic and news searching), mining, mapping and analysis.
  • User identification and testing of new information tools.
  • Training and adaptation for new tools.  
There will also be a limited number of exhibition spaces in the main conference area (table-top).
Contact the organizers early, since places will be limited.  All exhibitors will be given a short "product presentation" slot during the main conference sessions.
The organisers are interested in featuring one (or maximum two) post-conference workshops, following the conference programme. Workshops should be in subject areas relevant to those attending this meeting, and should be offered by experienced workshop presenters. For an initial discussion, those interested in giving a workshop should contact Christoph Haxel ( c@haxel.com )

In conjunction with the 2019 IC-SDV conference, Search Technology (VantagePoint) and BizInt Solutions (BizInt Smart Charts) will sponsor the 2019 Analytics and Visualization Meeting.


The VantagePoint and BizInt Smart Charts - 2019 Analytics and Visualization Meeting will focus on creating effective reports, analytics, and visualizations to support decision making, and will feature user case studies, product updates, and two tracks of workshops.

We are soliciting case study presentations by customers showing how they used the VantagePoint and/or BizInt Smart Charts tools to address analytic and visualization challenges.

If you are interested in presenting a case study paper, please send your proposal by email to: AVM_papers@bizint.com

Paper proposals should include:

  1. Title
  2. Presenter (Name, Company, Job Title)
  3. Abstract (description of analytic need and how you worked with BizInt/VP software to address)

Presentations should be 30-45 minutes, including time for Q&A, and will be on either Tuesday afternoon 9 April or Wednesday morning 10 April. Speakers will be given a free registration to both the IC-SDV conference and the Analytics and Visualization Meeting.

Deadline is 16 November 2018, but paper proposals will be considered and accepted as they are received.


II-SDV 2015 (c) Christoph Haxel
II-SDV 2015 (c) Christoph Haxel