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AI-SDV 2022 The Meeting


AI-SDV 2022 Conference and Exhibition is planned to be held physically and virtually. Speakers, attendees and exhibitors are invited to join physically and virtually in Vienna, Austria. We are developing a range of digital formats that respond precisely to the speakers, attendees and exhibitors needs, enabling individuals and exhibitors from AI industry and related sectors worldwide to participate in the AI-SDV 2022 in Vienna.

The Artificial Intelligence Conference on Search, Data and Text Mining, Analytics and Visualization.

  • The 2022 AI-SDV Conference in Vienna, Austria, 10th - 11th October 2022.

AI-SDV 2022 is the place to be for everyone involved in advanced search and data applications, text mining and visualization technologies. Individuals and companies that are shaping the future of this exciting space that surrounds us and impacts us all will present their latest research findings, tech developments and visions for the future.  


   Enjoy a full-on two days of learning, networking and exploring technologies and concepts that are state of the art and will continue to change way we as individuals and organisations work, rest and play. The focus is on Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digitization 2.0 (about making companies, processes and people ready for AI), Deep Learning and other topics identified by our community, who are specialists working in scientific and technical information.   


   The event features approximately 22 speakers over two days, plus an exhibition to complementing the conference programme.   


  As past attendees tell us, Vienna is a fabulous location and beyond the formal meetings taking place in the conference and exhibition space, we make the most of this gorgeous location for informal evening receptions and networking dinners.  



AI-SDV 2022

What you get


AI-SDV Conference Registration (10. and 11. October 2022) 

The conference begins on a Monday morning. Tuesday is a full day ending at approximately at 5:00 pm.

Register  Now  -> Online registration form 

We send you the invoice after your registration. 

  • 699,00 € - Early Bird Registration (until 15. August 2022)
  • 799,00 € - Full registration (after 15. August 2022)
  • 449,00 € - Virtual Registration 2022
  • 349,00 € - Special registration rate for students and Universities      
  • 349,00 € - Special Registration rate for third exhibitors equals full conference registration 


Prices do not include VAT (20 % in Austria).

Multiple bookings

Organisations will receive a discount on all bookings if three or more bookings from the same organisation are received at the same time. 3 for 2 special: Three bookings from one company for the price of two bookings for multiple attendees must be received at the same time and be invoiced on the same invoice. Multiple bookings can be processed online or by contacting office@haxel.com..

Call for Papers

2022 AI-SDV Meeting in Vienna, 10.-11. October 2022

Call for Offers of Presentations   

Presentations should emphasise new trends in artificial intelligence, search, mining, analytics and visualization research and technology, and directly related areas   

AI-SDV brings together specialists in scientific and technical information, who want to update themselves and learn the latest from practitioners and technology specialists working in the field of AI, text and data mining, analytics, digitization 2.0, deep learning, visualisation, etc. The conference is an integral part of a two-day event of learning, networking and exploring technologies and concepts that are changing the way individuals and organisations work, rest and play. 

Conference topics may include, but are not limited to:


  • User – vendor case study relating to successful software implementation
  •  AI, Machine Learning, Machine Translation and Deep Learning
  •  New tools for competitive intelligence
  •  Search engine development, personalisation, recommendation engines, collaborative filtering
  •  Scraping content, semantic technologies
  •   New visualization tools and mapping
  •   Innovative tools for analysing or manipulating big data including news analysis
  •    Text and Data Mining tools
  •    Advances in text searching and analysis (such as patent, techno-economic and news   searching), mining, mapping and analysis
  • User identification and testing new information tools
  •  Training and adoption  

The conference includes plenary sessions, expert panels and product updates from practitioners, vendors and subject matter specialists.   

Presentation submissions should include:

  • An engaging title
  • Short descriptive abstract - what attendees will take away from your talk
  •  Speaker biography (max 200 words)  

News of new innovative products or beta versions with substantial upgrades may also be of interest to attendees. 

Presentations accepted will be expected to make real contributions within the field of scientific, technical, business, patent and information searching, analysis and data mining – or in furthering the understanding of meeting participants within these areas.  

All presentations will be in plenary sessions to the full conference audience (virtually or physically) – there are no parallel or breakout sessions taking place.   

Conference language is English. Presenters receive one complimentary pass to the two-day conference (one registration per presentation).  Speaker reimbursement is normally not provided.   

Please send your proposals to Christoph Haxel at Dr. Haxel CEM GmbH (c @ haxel.com  

Deadline: 30. June 2022 However, we would also welcome proposals, suggestions, sponsorship enquiries, etc. prior to this date. 

There are also a very limited number of exhibition (table-top) spaces available on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the organisers early to secure a place. An additional benefit of exhibiting is that all exhibitors are provided with a short “product presentation” slot during the main conference.   

The organisers are also interested in featuring one (max two) post-conference workshops, which should be in the subject areas relevant to attendees. If you are interested in running a workshop, please contact Christoph Haxel for an initial discussion.



Attendees 2021

When you attend the AI-SDV you will meet colleagues from following companies and organizations


 Update: 04.10.2021



Access Innovations (USA)
Access Innovations (USA)
Averbis (Germany)
Averbis (Germany)
Allnex (Belgium)
Bayer (Germany)
Bayer (Germany)
Bayer (Germany)
Bayer (Germany)
Bial (Portugal)
Biomax Informatics (Germany)
Biomax Informatics (Germany)
Biomax Informatics (Germany)
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma (Germany)
Canadian Intellectual Property Office (Canada)
Canadian Intellectual Property Office (Canada)
Canadian Intellectual Property Office (Canada)
CAS (Portugal)
CENTREDOC (Switzerland)
CENTREDOC (Switzerland)
CENTREDOC (Switzerland)
Clickwaste (Germany)
cortical.io (Austria)
Deep SEARCH 9 (Germany)
Deep SEARCH 9 (Germany)
Deep SEARCH 9 (Germany)
Dennemeyer Octimine (Germany)
Dolcera (India)
Dolcera (India)
Dolcera (India)
Dr. Haxel CEM (Germany)
Extract Information (UK)
FIZ Karlsruhe (Germany)
FIZ Karlsruhe (Germany)
FIZ Karlsruhe (Germany)
Fraunhofer Austria Research (Austria)
Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI (Germany)
Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI, (Germany)
Fraunhofer Institute for Algorithms and Scientific Computing SCAI, (Germany)
Gesellschaft für Mess-, Automatisierungs- und Robotertechnik (Austria)
Information Access (USA)
Intellectual Property Office (UK)
IPscreener / Uppdragshuset (Sweden)
kairntech (Germany)
Karakun (Switzerland)
Karakun (Switzerland)
Kuery Knowledge Management (Switzerland)
Lighthouse IP (Germany)
Lighthouse IP (Netherlands)
Lundbeck (Denmark)
Merck (Germany)
Merck (Germany)
Merck (Germany)
Merck (Germany)
Merck (Germany)
Merck (Germany)
MC Research (India)
Military University of Technology (Poland)
MT-IP Consulting (France)
NLO (Netherlands)
Novartis (Switzerland)
Novartis (Switzerland)
Novartis (Switzerland)
Patent Information Consultant (USA)
Patinformatics (USA)
Procter & Gamble (Germany)
QPIP (Switzerland)
Reckitt Benckiser Group (UK)
Sandoz (Switzerland)
Sanofi-Aventis R&D (France)
Search Technology / VantagePoint (USA)
Search Technology / VantagePoint (USA)
Search Technology / VantagePoint (USA)
Semalytix (Germany)
Semalytix (Germany)
SUPSI (Switzerland)
Syngenta (UK)
Syngenta (Switzerland)
Syngenta (Switzerland)
Symantic (Denmark)
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (Sweden)
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland)
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland)
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland)
Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (Switzerland)
Unilever (UK)
United Nations University MERIT (Netherlands)
Wein-Brasilien (Germany)
Wongel IP (Germany)



Venue and Location

The AI-SDV 2022 will take place at the Hotel Savoyen.

Rennweg 16
1030 Vienna, Austria

An impressive blend of tradition and modernity is reflected in the design of the Hotel Savoyen. Housed in the former building of the Austrian State Print, the hotel represents an architectural bridge from the past to the future.

This hotel is an extraordinary lifestyle product in the style of the 21st century. The former building of the Austrian State Print now plays home to the chic city-hopper, as well as the world-travelling businessman.The daylight-bathed atrium, with its lounge and bar, is the focal point of the hotel. It is from here that guests access the 309 comfortably appointed rooms and suites, as well as the Fitness & Vitality Area.


Located in the heart of the Diplomatic Quarter, Hotel Savoyen is the ideal base from which to explore the historic center of Vienna, as well as for your business appointments in the city. The magnificent park grounds of Palace Belvedere are also very close by. The underground parking garage with direct access to the hotel provides easy and secure parking for guests.


Austria Trend Hotel Savoyen Vienna

Rennweg 16
1030 Vienna, Austria
Ph +43 (1) 206 33-0
Fax +43 (1) 206 33-9210
Email savoyen@austria-trend.at

Networking Programme

All registered ICIC participants are invited to join our Vienna Networking Programme.

ICIC Photos Vienna 2013


AI-SDV 2022


There will be a focused exhibition during the conference. The exhibition will be table-top, in an area immediately adjacent to the conference hall and the coffee break areas.

Exhibition space is now selling well for the 2022 AI-SDV meeting in Vienna. All exhibitors receive a 10 minute "product presentation" slot during the main conference sessions, and this means we have to limit exhibitor acceptances to an absolute maximum of 12. So if you are intending to apply for exhibition space at this year's conference, please reserve your space sooner rather than later.

An exhibition order form is available via this link.

Exhibition Format

  • Format this year will again be table top (plus back wall where available). Stands are located in an exhibition room and the coffee break area. All exhibitors receive one table, plus two chairs.

Meals / Conference Registration

  • All exhibition staff needs to register for the meeting.
    Exhibition staff who wish to attend the conference sessions will need to register for the conference (a conference registration includes all meals and receptions).
    Exhibition staff which does not wishes to attend the conference sessions, but who do wish to participate in meals and receptions will need to purchase a meal pass badge.

  • Two exhibitors registrations are free of charge

  • Please note that there is no onsite registration.

Internet Access

  • Internet access (WiFi) is available throughout the exhibition area and is included in the exhibitor stand space fee.

Rental of LCD monitors

  • To save exhibitors the trouble of transporting computer monitors, we have arranged for these to be available from a local company if required.
    Screens must be ordered in advance on the LCD monitor. Please contact office@haxel.com

Exhibition Set-Up and Breakdown

  • The stands may be set up on Monday, 10. October after 09.00 a.m.
    Breakdown will be after 17:00 on Tuesday 11. October

Exhibition Opening Hours

  • On Monday and Tuesday 10. and 11. October, the exhibition will be open from 09:00 until 18:00 each day.

Dispatch of Exhibition Material

  • Advance shipments of material for the exhibition may be sent to the Hotel Aston La Scala  to arrive between 3.  and 8. October. Please note that shipments should not be sent long in advance, since the Hotel Aston La Scala has limited storage facilities. Please note also that all items must be sent prepaid, with all delivery, customs and VAT charges paid by the shipping agent. The Hotel Aston La Scala will not accept goods requiring payments on delivery. Goods needing collection and dispatch after the conference must be pre-packed, and collection with a shipper pre-arranged at latest on 8 October 2022. The Hotel and conference organisers cannot accept responsibility for goods left abandoned after the end of the conference. The material should be addressed to:        

    Hotel Savoyen / Rennweg 16, 1030 Vienna, Austria

    Tel.: +43 (1) 206 33-0

Location: Hotel Savoyen 

Rennweg 16

1030 Vienna / Austria




At this meeting, sponsorships are tied directly to specific conference items. In this way, the appropriate sponsor can be identified and thanked by all attending the meeting. Sponsors receive full acknowledgement on the conference website, with a URL link to their home pages. 

Sponsors are listed and thanked in all conference promotion material, including the final printed conference programme. Finally, during the duration of the II-SDV meeting, on-screen thanks and acknowledgement of the sponsors is projected at regular intervals so that all attendees are fully aware who is sponsoring their social and conference events.

Networking Programme

  • Conference Welcome Reception Sunday 22 April: Sponsorship open
  • Conference lunches (Monday + Tuesday): Sponsorship open 
  • Conference Dinner (Monday): Sponsorship open
  • Conference refreshment breaks (Monday and Tuesday): Sponsor CENTREDOC

Any other Sponsorships

  • Conference printed programme: Sponsorship BizInt
  • Badges: Sponsorship Centredoc
  • Conference Wallet: Sponsorship open