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Fairview Research

Fairview Research LLC specializes in the management and curation of large patent databases. Along with our division IFI CLAIMS™ Patent Services, we boast one of the most experienced technical teams in the patent information market.  Headquartered in New Haven, CT, Fairview produces the highest quality, most comprehensive, integrated patent data repositories available.  We additionally provide a set of products and services that support the development and maintenance of highly customized information retrieval solutions, from simple data enhancement to a full solution implementation.  Combining the careful curation of relevant information with state-of-the-art semantic tools, efficient indexing and consistent data storage, we can improve results and reduce costs of specialized research.  We take the advantage of text analytics and machine learning technologies to transform manual data analysis into automated annotations.

Our IFI Claims division administers the collection of databases known as CLAIMS® representing the most reliable, value-added databases of U.S. patents in the world. IFI improves patent searches with proprietary:

  • Company name standardization for assignees, plus Probable Assignees for applications
  • Expiration and legal status data
  • Chemical patent indexing (annotation) and title enhancements

Chemical patent indexing is a high value component of IFI’s information products and services. Since 1955, IFI chemists have been interpreting and indexing (annotating) chemical structures, polymers, reactions, and concepts in technology areas including:

  • polymers
  • pharmaceuticals
  • biotech
  • agrochemicals
  • green chemistry
  • electrochemistry
  • catalysts
  • inorganics (metal alloys, ceramics)

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Product presentation (pdf, 471.8 kB)