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QWAM Content Intelligence


The Company


Qwam Content Intelligence is a software editor based in Paris, France. It provides solutions for solving the daunting challenge posed by the huge volume and the heterogeneity of professional and web content sources that are needed by corporate users in their daily tasks. Qwam Content Intelligence has designed Qwam E-content Server (QES) software solutions to help companies and research organizations to answer this need.

Qwam Content Intelligence presents a family of solutions that enable to search, monitor, harvest and manage content from virtually any content source. Qwam E-content Server (QES) solutions provide applications such as:

  • QES Watch/KM/CM Suite and QES WebMonitor: Competitive/business intelligence, R&D/innovation information watch and management, content harvesting and management, knowledge-based applications
  • QES InfoMedia Suite and QES Press Review: Enterprise information and media portals, content aggregation, press monitoring and clipping management
  • QES Federator and QES DocOnline: Federated search solutions and document management portals

 QES Watch/KM/CM Suite is a solution devoted to information monitoring (of information providers and web content) and content management, which are the basis of competitive, business intelligence, innovation and R&D monitoring and other knowledge-based applications in intensive R&D industries. Qwam E-content Server (QES) supplies many features such as:

  • a huge array of content connectors which enable monitoring and harvesting of virtually any content (content from information providers, web databases, deep and surface web, free and subscription-based content, RSS feeds, etc.)
  • a powerful and tunable deduplicating function of content harvested from multiple sources
  • a fully integrated content management and workflow module for managing, validating and spreading content previously monitored and harvested by QES ; this enables harvested content to be managed and annotated by CI experts, technical specialists, business units or team leaders for comments and recommendations for further action, thus creating a real intelligence community and transforming harvested content into knowledge within the organization ; QES content management modules comprise advanced features for topic tree and thesaurus management as well as a rule engine for automated content enrichment and tagging
  • diffusion and sharing of monitored/edited content via personalized information and knowledge portal having numerous features such as personal welcome page, user’s profile management, powerful search engines with faceted navigation, newsletters and folders, alerts, etc.

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