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The ICIC Programme Advisory Committee

Programme Advisory Committee
The Programme Advisory Committee for the ICIC meeting is Harry Collier (UK), Pierre Buffet (France), Morten Christoffersen (Denmark), Anne Girard (France), Christoph Haxel (Austria), Stephen Heller (USA), Georg Schultheiss (Germany), Jacques Michel (France), Alexander Mullen (Germany), Randall Marcinko (USA), Peter Löw (Germany), Jignesh Bhate (India), Monika Hanelt (Belgium), Elisabeth Piveteau (UK) and Wendy Warr (UK).

Strategic Advisory Board
The Strategic Advisory Board includes: Alfred Elmaleh (IFP, France), Wolfgang Gerhartz (Germany), Christopher Marshall (AstraZeneca, UK) and John Regazzi (USA).

(c) Wolfgang Gerhartz
(c) Wolfgang Gerhartz