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Árpád Figyelmesi

ChemAxon, Hungary

Árpád Figyelmesi received his MSc Chemical Engineer in 2008 from Budapest University of Technology and Economics. After years of industrial experience, he joined the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office as a patent examiner and later as business analyst. Since 2013 he joined ChemAxon’s dynamic team, leading the development of Markush technology and the patent related information solutions.


Chemical Patent Curation and Management – New Tools and Capabilities (ICIC 2014) Markush Claims: Representation, Search, Analysis and Construction - Where Are We and How to Go Forward (ICIC 2015) Building a Crowdsourced Chemical Database from the Web (Bring Deep Web Content to the Surface) (ICIC 2016) Cheminformatics Scaling-up for the Age of Big Data (ICIC 2017)