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Willem-Geert Lagemaat

Lighthouse IP Group, The Netherlands

Willem Geert Lagemaat (1972) is CEO of Lighthouse IP Group. After the technical university (HTS), Willem Geert joined Univentio in 1993 and was appointed CEO of Univentio in 1996. Univentio was originally founded by his father in 1952 and became one of the largest and leading patent data producers in the world. In 2005 the company was acquired by Reed Elsevier.

In 2006 Willem Geert founded Lighthouse IP Group, a global information services and consulting firm that offers a distinctive blend of capabilities, bringing together Intellectual Property information expertise, Translation Services, Data Processing Services, as well as Virtual Employees, Outsourcing and Software Development. Currently Lighthouse IP Group has offices in 9 countries worldwide and employs over 800 people globally.

Since 2004 Willem Geert has also been President of PatCom, the association of commercial patent information service providers.



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