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ICIC 2008 - The Meeting

The International Conference on Trends for Scientific Information Professionals.

Nice, 19 - 22 October 2008


Conference organizers
The series of International Chemical Information Conferences (ICIC) began in Montreux in 1989 and has been organised annually ever since by Infonortics. The programme of the annual events is designed by a Programme Committee whose members are:

  • Pierre Buffet (Questel.Orbit, France)
  • Morten Christoffersen, Novo Nordisk, Denmark
  • Harry Collier (Infonortics, United Kingdom)
  • Anne Girard (Infonortics, France)
  • Stephen Heller (USA)
  • Heinz-Gerd Kneip (BASF, Germany)
  • Randall Marcinko (Marcinko Enterprises, USA)
  • Jacques Michel (France)
  • Alexander Mullen, Germany
  • Minoo Philipp (Germany)
  • Wendy Warr (Wendy Warr & Associates, United Kingdom)
  • Martin White (Intranet Focus, United Kingdom)

In addition to the Programme Committee, the conference benefits from the advice and guidance of a Strategic Advisory Board whose members are:

  • Alfred Elmaleh (IFP, France)
  • Wolfgang Gerhartz (Germany)
  • GĂ©rard Giroud (EPO, Germany)
  • Christoph Haxel (Henkel KGaA, Germany)
  • Christopher Marshall (AstraZeneca, United Kingdom)
  • John Regazzi (Long Island University, USA)
  • Georg Schultheiss (Germany)

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