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Daniel Keesman

GeneData, Switzerland

Dr Daniel Keesman has worked for the last 14 years in the sife science industry and has vast experience managing businesses in life science informatics. He started his career with Elsevier MDL in sales and ultimately was promoted to Vice President, General Manager MDL Europe.

In 2001 he joined Lion Bioscience AG, being responsible for all sales, marketing and business development activities for Lion’s informatics unit as well as for the drug discovery unit. At the end of this stay at Lion, he managed Lion Bioscience as Chief Operating Officer and co-CEO.

In 2005, Daniel joined Genedata AG as CEO and in this role he provides his experience in building up new markets and organising sales and marketing for IT systems in high content screening, toxicogenomics and biomarker discovery.


Semantic data integration generating value in drug discovery (ICIC 2006)