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Dietmar Fauth

Siemens, Germany

Dietmar holds an MS from Oregon State University, US, and a PhD from Stuttgart University, both in physics.
He joined Siemens AG in Munich in 1984 as a software developer. During a 10 months stay with the Open Software Foundation (OSF) in Cambridge, Massachusetts, he contributed to OSF’s effort of defining the architecture of its Distributed Computing Environment. Back in Germany he worked in various projects, first as a Senior Consultant in the area of application management, later as Senior Manager in Identity Management customer projects. In 2000 Dietmar switched to the corporate information research department where he was in charge of providing and marketing information products as a manager of the technical information department. Since October 2005 his responsibilities include both technical and business information mainly in the area of IT and communications.


Corporate information research at Siemens (ICIC 2006)