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Gururaj Bagalkotker

Dolcera, India

Gururaj Bagalkotker is a seasoned knowledge scientist working with different teams at Dolcera, Hyderabad, India. He has more than eight years of R&D experience in the field of chemistry and biotechnology and has a sound knowledge of the drug discovery, natural products and healthcare industries.

   He holds a PhD in Medicinal Chemistry and has dual master degrees in Material Sciences and Chemistry. He has also completed a basic course on IP from WIPO. He has worked at Institute of Bioscience at Universiti Putra Malaysia where he was instrumental in further enhancements and improvements of SFE. He has developed nutraseutical and pharmaceuticals for various diseases from food and plants as commercial products. Though his role in several biotech and chemical projects have won him accolades, a few contemporary ones worth mentioning here would include the publications in Journal of Biological Chemistry (JBC),  Journal of Medicinal Chemistry (JMC) and Journal of Bio-organic Chemistry.


Multi-file Searching of Polymers in Various Databases (ICIC 2011)