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Humberto Montenegro

Henkel, Germany

Humberto Montenegro

Inside Henkel Corporate Patents organisation, Humberto Montenegro has headed the patent service department since 2004. This department provides information services and support for the patent attorneys and Henkel’s R&D end-user community worldwide.

Humberto Montenegro is a chemical engineer with a diploma from the University of Erlangen-Nuremberg. In 1983 Humberto began his career as a technical brand manager in product development of P&G’s Personal Care Division, where he first came in touch with patents. In 1988 he joined the Engineering Division of Henkel as a senior process engineer. Taking responsibility for the engineering standardisation department in 1991, he also managed the technical information for Henkel’s technical community. During his stay with Henkel, he moved in 1997 to the R&D division, where he joined the Henkel InfoCenter and added the end-user patent information field to his scope of work.


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