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James Ryley

Sumobrain, USA

Dr. James Ryley is the President of SumoBrain, a search and data analytics
firm.  SumoBrain is the parent company behind FreePatentsOnline.com,
BioMedSearch.com, and the MassiveDB product, a solution for full-text
retrieval and analysis of large document databases.  James was responsible
for the original design and programming of FreePatentsOnline.com and now
directs the SumoBrain development team in both the patent space and other
areas, including the deployment of enterprise solutions based on large
scientific, technical, and medical databases.  Previously the President at
Patent Complete, LLC, a patent searching firm, James holds a BS is Cell
Biology and Genetics, and a Ph.D. in Molecular Biology.


The 2011 ICIC Patent Panel (ICIC 2011) Making Searching Faster and More Complete: Cross-Collection Search and Automated Result Set Analysis (ICIC 2011) Using Conceptual Search in Scientific, Financial and Intellectual Property Databases (ICIC 2007 - The Meeting)