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Jignesh Bhate

Molecular Connections, India

is the founder and CEO of Molecular Connections (MC), a company
founded in 2001. He has led the company from a start-up to a globally
respected informatics major, that in less then seven years established
itself as a leader in mining STM literature.

Prior to this, Jignesh worked  as an investment banker and an angel
funder/evangelist. He was founder of Ideas2Solutions (i2s) which was
an incubation fund helping entrepreneurs in the life sciences area to
start businesses with seed funding. In his investment banking tenure,
Jignesh was based in Hong Kong and  headed the Asia Pacific research
for Pharmaceuticals, IT services and Internet companies for W I CARR,
a major Asian Broking house.

Honours: Jignesh Bhate was voted "the Outstanding Young Indian" by the Indian Junior Chambers, and as "the top equity analyst" by the
Institutional Investor Survey, "Udyog Rattan", an award conferred by
the Institute of Economic Studies, and  "Star Entrepreneur of the
Year" by the government of India.


Smarter Content Delivery - Apps for Chemistry (ICIC 2012) Intelligent Processing of Information from Heterogeneous Sources (ICIC 2010) Enriching Content with Semantic Tagging (ICIC 2013)
Jignesh Bhate
Jignesh Bhate