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Lewis Jardine

Intellidos, UK

Lewis Jardine is the Engineering Director and co-founder of Intellidos, which he formed at the end of 2002. He leads their highly successful
consulting operations and has worked with a number of international firms to produce novel solutions in cheminformatics and data integration spaces. The most well known of these was the development of the core chemical spreadsheet and associated data model at the heart of LION Bioscience's work for Bayer AG.

Prior to founding Intellidos, Lewis worked at Cherwell Scientific where he was the development team leader for the well-known ChemSymphony product and the associated consultancy. When NetGenics acquired the ChemSymphony product, Lewis continued in this role, which later was expanded to include managing the Oxford office. Before joining Cherwell he was a lecturer in software engineering for Cranfield University.

Lewis Jardine received a BSc in Engineering Science from Exeter University and a PhD in Digital Image Processing from Cranfield University.