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Martin Brändle

Chemistry Biology Pharmacy Information Centre, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Martin Brändle, a native of Berne, Switzerland, studied chemistry at the University of Berne and finished his studies there in 1994 with a PhD in physical chemistry. From 1995 till 1997 he was an Alexander-von-Humboldt fellow in the Quantum Chemistry group of Professor Joachim Sauer, Max-Planck-Society, Berlin, where he worked in the field of zeolite catalysis. In another postdoc at ETH Zurich in the group of professor Reinhard Nesper at the Laboratory of Inorganic Chemistry from 1997-99, he was active in computational chemistry on inorganic nanotubes. In 2000 he turned to the Information Centre as IT coordinator and was also engaged in developing e-learning content within the German BMBF project “Networked Chemistry Studies“ (VS-C). In an after-diploma study in information and documentation at HTW Chur he graduated as information specialist in 2002. As deputy head of the Information Centre he is now responsible for vocational education, teaching chemical information, development of information systems and projects that involve XML in chemistry, and as a subject specialist. He has given several lectures at international conferences and workshops, published 14 articles and a book chapter, and co-authored a book.


Chemicals catalogue databases: an overview and evaluation (ICIC 2006)