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Nicolas Lalyre

Syngenta, Switzerland

Currently, I am heading the Chemistry Information Research team in the Intellectual Property Department of Syngenta Ltd, Basel, Switzerland. My background is Organic Chemistry where I graduated from the University of Nurnberg-Erlangen, Germany, specializing in the field of macromolecular chemistry.
I started my professional career in Research & Development with Siemens in Erlangen, Germany in the area of polymers for Non-Linear-Optics and later with Nokia in Esslingen, Germany in the development of new products for tube technology. After a traineeship at FIZ-Karlsruhe, STN International, I joined in 2000 Hoffmann-La Roche Ltd. in Basel, Switzerland, responsible for chemistry and patent searches as well as implementing new chemistry-related information tools for Pharma Research. In 2004, I joined the Intellectual Property Department of Syngenta Ltd. in Basel, Switzerland. My current responsibilities include beyond the Chemistry team leader function the development of value-added web environment for patent information, promoting proactively information resources clearly demonstrating cost-effectiveness and business value and complex patent searches. In addition, I am Chairman of the PDG working group “Analysis and Visualization” (PDG = Patent Documentation Group).


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