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Sabine Brünger-Weilandt

FIZ Karlsruhe, Germany


Sabine Brünger-Weilandt is President & CEO of FIZ Karlsruhe – Leibniz-Institute for Information Infrastructure, Germany. She has many years of experience in senior positions in the marketing and communications departments of renowned, international organisations and enterprises. Her first contact with the information sector was in the early eighties when she worked in the documentation centre of the Deutsche Bank AG. Then she took over as Head of Sales at the Handelsblatt publishing house, where she was responsible for the area of business databases. After working as a senior consultant for Steria Mummert Consulting, Hamburg, she spent several years as a member of the managing board of Greenpeace, Germany. Later, she became Head of Strategic Consulting at the BBDO Group. She took over as President & CEO of FIZ Karlsruhe in 2003.


Mrs. Brünger-Weilandt holds various honorary positions. She is a member of the Advisory Board of the Deutsche Nationalbibliothek (DNB), Frankfurt a. M., the Advisory Board of the Max Planck Digital Library (MPDL), Munich, of the Foundation Council of the Leibniz Institute for Educational Research and Educational Information (DIPF), Frankfurt/M., and of the Scientific Advisory Board of TIB Hannover. She advises the Executive Board of the Leibniz Association in matters of information infrastructure. In this function, she also chaired the committee “The future of the information infrastructure“ (Kommission Zukunft der Informationsinfrastruktur – KII) which developed on behalf of the GWK (Joint Science Conference) an overall concept for an information infrastructure for Germany, submitted to the GWK in 2011.


Mrs. Brünger-Weilandt holds a degree in History, German Language and Literature, Education, and Philosophy from the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-University of Bonn.



Quality: A Key Factor in the Professional Information Workflow (ICIC 2009) New Ways of Working in Science (ICIC 2005)
Sabine Brünger-Weilandt
Sabine Brünger-Weilandt