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William Town

Molecular Connections, India

Bill Town is currently the president of Kilmorie Consulting and the chairman of the Board of Governors of the Cambridge Crystallographic Data Centre. Bill's career has included research, software development, data base development, product development, business development, company management, etc.

He received his PhD in chemistry from Lancaster University and has since then worked in numerous institutions in academia and the private industry. These include Sheffield University; the Crystallographic Data Centre of Cambridge University; the European Commission in Ispra, Italy; Hampden Data Services; William Town Associates; Derwent Information; and ChemWeb where he was the Managing Director.

Bill Town was, and still is, associated with many professional bodies, such as the American Chemical Society, the Chemical Structure Association, the Chemical Structure Association Trust, the International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry, the Royal Society of Chemistry, and the University of Sheffield.


Identification of chemical structures in literature sources using semantic analysis and automatic structure generation (ICIC 2006)