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Wolfie Christl

Cuteacute, Austria

Wolfie Christl is a researcher, game designer, web developer, artist and net activist. Communication engineer by profession, he studied arts, computer science, sociology and media studies in Linz and Vienna (without degree). He works in the fields of serious games, digital literacy, web technology and multimedia. From 2000 he was part of the famous Viennese net culture organization Public Netbase, which hosted many international conferences, exhibitions and tactical media projects dealing with the socio-cultural impact of ICT. He has also played a major role in creating wahlkabine.at, which is the most popular vote match tool in Austria and has been used by more than 3 million times in about 30 elections in Austria and Italy. Since 2006 he runs a small internet agency focusing on open source web technology.

In 2011, together with a small team from Vienna, he started the project "Data Dealer", which is a critical online game about collecting, collating and selling personal data. “Data Dealer" provides a unique casual and humorous way to engage in issues of personal data and privacy in the digital age. It received outstanding media coverage both in serious media and in yellow press and substantial feedback from young people, teachers, media educators and the general public.


Personal Data in the Digital Age - Big Brother on Steroids? (ICIC 2013)