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Gert Frackenpohl

Lighthouse IP, Germany

Gert Frackenpohl studied the subjects Computer Science and Mathematics, Communication Research and Language Science. He has an Informatik Diploma Degree of the University of Bonn, Germany.

 In the eighties and nineties he was head of the computer department at the scientific Institute for German Language when Gert gave lessons at the University of Heidelberg and Cologne in computational linguistics, and was president of the Institute for Communication and Applied Language Research at the University of Bonn. 

He was the General Manager of his own IT company INCOM GmbH in Bonn for 25 years. The company was specialized in Storage Systems, Information Management and Software Services with special focus on data archives and patent information retrieval systems. For 10 years he was member of the board and president of PatCom, the association of Commercial Patent Information Services Providers. 

Since 2008 he works for Lighthouse IP Group in the fields of product and business development for IP information services and translation software solutions. In 2009 he increased the productivity of Lighthouse translation services by 20 percent. As Director of Infrastructure he managed the Lighthouse projects regarding the worldwide IP data repository and the industrial use of automated language processing. He was responsible for the outsourced IP data entry project worldwide. Currently he works as a consultant and heads the Lighthouse IP project Global Bibliographic and Legal IP Data.


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