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Surojit Sadhu

Advent Informatics, India

Surojit Sadhu, founder of Advent Informatics has been actively working in Chemoinformatics since the last 7 years. Surojit Sadhu is a degree holder in Bioinformatics. He has worked with National Chemical Laboratory, Pune as a Project Assistant, wherein he worked on a number of projects which involved building chemical databases using chemoinformatics tools and also contributed a couple of chapters for a Chemoinformatics book written by Dr. Karthikeyan: “Practical Chemoinformatics”. He then worked as an Application Scientist with Vans Scientific Information, Mumbai and later founded Advent Informatics. He is primarily responsible for educating professionals in corporate R & D, academics and government departments on the utility of ChemAxon’s products and services for their research. He also conducts workshops for training users on extracting maximum value from cheminformatics tools.


Drug Discovery of Novel Molecules using Chemical Data Mining tool (II-PIC 2017)