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AI-SDV 2020 The Meeting

The Artificial Intelligence Conference on Search, Data and Text Mining, Analytics and Visualization.

  • The 2020 AI-SDV Conference in Nice, 20. - 21. April 2020

  • 2020 Analytics and Visualization Meeting (Presented by VantagePoint), 22. April 2020

AI-SDV 2020 is the place to be for everyone involved in advanced search and data applications, text mining and visualization technology. Individuals and companies that are shaping the future of this exciting space that surrounds us and impacts us all will present their latest research findings, tech developments and vision for the future.  

   It’s a full-on two days of learning, networking and exploring technologies and concepts that are now and will continue to change way we as individuals and organisations work, rest and play. The focus is Artificial Intelligence (AI), Digitization 2.0 (about making companies, processes and people ready for AI), Deep Learning and other topics identified by our community, who are specialists working in scientific and technical information.   

   The event features around 22 speakers over two days, plus an exhibition to complement the conference programme.   


   The VantagePoint and BizInt 2020 Analytics and Visualization Meeting follows the conference on 22 April at the same location. This is hosted by Search Technology and BizInt and will focus on creating effective reports and visualizations to support decision making. It will feature user case studies, product updates and two workshops. The meeting is designed for both current and prospective users of VantagePoint and BizInt.  

   In 2020, based on attendee feedback, we are combining all the concepts the ICIC and II-SDV-Meetings in this one event in Nice.   

  As past attendees tell us, it’s a fabulous location and, beyond the formal meetings taking place in the conference and exhibition space, we make the most of this gorgeous location for informal evening receptions under the stars and networking dinners.  

  The size of the group makes it perfect for individuals from all sides of the information and tech space to meet and spend time together formally and also socially.   

  According to our exhibitors and attendees, the size of the event, the beautiful location and mix of people is why they return year after year. It’s where they learn, stay on top of developments, meet peers, find new collaboration opportunities and do business.  


  That’s why they return – and we hope you will join us too in 2020 and contribute to our programme as an attendee, speaker or exhibitor – and we look forward to welcoming you.


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