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Saken Kulkarni

Slalom Consulting, USA

Saken is an advanced analytics consultant at Slalom Consulting, a global management consulting firm, and leads teams that deliver predictive analytics, data mining, optimization, simulation, and visual insights to a variety of clients. Previously, Saken spent five years at IBM, where he worked as an analytics consultant across IBM’s marketing and product portfolio, focusing on sales and pipeline analytics.

Saken is actively involved in the predictive analytics community. He is a regular contributor for ComputerWorld magazine, has provided expert commentary to The Data Warehousing Institute’s Best Practices Reports, and runs technology user groups in New York City.


LinkedIn: http://linkd.in/1xMqBQt

Twitter: https://twitter.com/sakenkul



Bridging the Gap: Best Practices for Operationalizing Predictive Analytics across your Organization (II-SDV 2015)
Saken  Kulkarni
Saken Kulkarni