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Arne Krüger

Moving Targets Consulting, Germany

Arne is a passionate entrepeneur. He was just 26 years old when he co-founded his first consulting and IT services company back in '97.

His clients back in these days where Germanys public banking sector. In 2001 he had the opportunity to work with Schering AG and became strongly specialized in large scale legacy system support for collaboration, workflow and intranet solutions in the pharmaceutical sector.

From 2005 onwards, the growing, highly talented team of consultants and developers around him began serving the German Patent Office, managing their entire patent publication and raw data systems. On the road, they picked up several discontinued products and are today serving appr. 200 clients as a provider of patent information too.

In 2011, with now with 55 employees already, he was able to dive deeply into the third industrial revolution, providing the European Patent Office with consultancy services on its basic approach in moving Espacent into a scalable, pay-per-use cloud environment. For the Schindler Group they helped develop a next generation system for curating, collecting and discussing patent information within the corporate R&D.


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Arne Krüger
Arne Krüger