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Call for Papers

2020 AI-SDV Meeting Nice,  20 - 21 April 2020 

Call for Offers of Presentations   

Presentations should emphasise new trends in intelligence, search, mining, analytics and visualization research and technology, and directly related areas   

AI-SDV brings together specialists in scientific and technical information, who want to update themselves and learn the latest from practitioners and technology specialists working in the field of AI, text and data mining, analytics, digitization 2.0, deep learning, visualisation, etc. The conference is an integral part of a three-day event of learning, networking and exploring technologies and concepts that are changing the way individuals and organisations work, rest and play. 

Conference topics may include, but are not limited to:


  • User – vendor case study relating to successful software implementation
  •  AI, Machine Learning, Machine Translation and Deep Learning
  •  New tools for competitive intelligence
  •  Search engine development, personalisation, recommendation engines, collaborative filtering
  •  Scraping content, semantic technologies
  •   New visualization tools and mapping
  •   Innovative tools for analysing or manipulating big data including news analysis
  •    Text and Data Mining tools
  •    Advances in text searching and analysis such as patent, techno-economic and news   searching), mining, mapping and analysis
  • User identification and testing new information tools
  •  Training and adoption  

The conference includes plenary sessions, expert panels and product updates from practitioners, vendors and subject matter specialists.   

Presentation submissions should include:

  • An engaging title
  • Short descriptive abstract - what attendees will take away from your talk
  •  Speaker biography (max 200 words)  

News of new innovative products or beta versions with substantial upgrades may also be of interest to attendees. 

Presentations accepted will be expected to make real contributions within the field of scientific, technical, business, patent and information searching, analysis and data mining – or in furthering the understanding of meeting participants within these areas.  

All presentations will be in plenary sessions to the full conference audience – there are no parallel or breakout sessions taking place.   

Conference language is English. Presenters receive one complimentary pass to the two-day conference (one registration per presentation).  Speaker reimbursement is not normally provided.   

Please send your proposals to Christoph Haxel at Dr. Haxel CEM GmbH (c @ haxel.com  

Deadline: 31 December 2019. However, we would also welcome proposals, suggestions, sponsorship enquiries, etc. prior to this date. 

There are also a very limited number of exhibition (table-top) spaces available on a strictly first-come, first-served basis. Please contact the organisers early to secure a place. An additional benefit of exhibiting is that all exhibitors are provided with a short “product presentation” slot during the main conference.   

The organisers are also interested in featuring one (max two) post-conference workshops, which should be in the subject areas relevant to attendees. If you are interested in running a workshop please contact Christoph Haxelfor an initial discussion.



(c) Paula Haxel
(c) Paula Haxel