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Holger Keibel

Karakun, CH

Dr. Holger Keibel is a senior product manager and consultant at Karakun AG in Basel, Switzerland. He has more than 15 years professional experience in the field of text analytics and machine learning. Previously, Holger worked for nine years in a similar role for Canoo Engineering AG, and for approx. five years as a research associate at the Institute for the German Language (IDS) in Mannheim, Germany. Holger obtained both his PhD in Linguistics and his Master’s degree in Mathematics from University of Freiburg (Germany). He did much of his PhD project as a research fellow at UC San Diego, California.



Bringing AI to SME projects: Addressing customer needs with a flexible set of tools and services (AI-SDV 2020) Extracting information from tables in documents (AI-SDV 2022) Leveraging pre-trained language models for document classification (AI-SDV 2021)