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Marjorie Hlava

President of Access Innovation, USA

Marjorie M.K. Hlava is the founder of Access Innovations, Inc. She holds the positions of President and Chairman of the Board. Responsibilities of this position include directing overall corporate operations, especially production and marketing activities. These involve extensive public relations, contract negotiations, analyzing and transacting acquisition and joint venture negotiations, hiring and training personnel, purchasing equipment and participating in short-term and long-range planning. Responsibilities at Access Innovations, Inc. also include professional consulting in the areas of management and database design and development. Clients include national and international corporations, small business, associations, government offices and departments. Consulting has included projects design, workflow analysis, project administration, database design, software development and problem solving in all areas of corporate activity. Special research in areas of making database production more efficient, such as machine aided indexing, multi-lingual access for databases, and machine translation. Margie holds three patents (pending and full) in automatic text processing and management, published five books, several hundred articles, and as many presentations on topics in the information sciences.


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Marjorie  Hlava
Marjorie Hlava