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The liquidation of Dr. Haxel Congress & Event Management GmbH was concluded in business

Where Corporate Information Professionals, Information Vendors and Academics learn from each other.


The liquidation of Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management GmbH was concluded in business 1.6.2023; the company was wound down

Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management GmbH was a company, founded in October 2009 in Vienna. The founder, Dr. Christoph Haxel, has many years of experience as a Corporate Information Manager and as a member of different international information organisations.

Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management GmbH has acquired the ICIC – The International Conference on Trends for Scientific and Patent Information Professionals - and the II-SDV - The International Information Conference on Search, Data Mining and Visualization - from Infonortics, U.K.

We have launched a new conference in India. II-PIC is the International Indian Patent Information Conference for Patent Information Professionals. The organisers have clearly targeted their programme at professionals working in the patent information field. Patent searching may be a small profession, but it makes an essential contribution to innovation and to decision-making in industry and beyond. Dr. Haxel Congress & Event Managment GmbH is interested in supporting a strong and healthy body of patent information professionals in India and in ensuring that they continue to "search better". Indian Patent Information is one main topic of the conference.

ICIC Conferences

These exciting and highly respected annual conferences, that started in Montreux in 1989 and were subsequently held in Annecy, Nîmes, Barcelona and Nice, have always provided a barometer of the strengths and frailties of the world of sci-tech and patent information.

A focused exhibition of approximately 25 stands is integrated within the conference. Attendance at these meetings is highly international, with no one nationality predominating. The conference is organised by Dr. Christoph Haxel (Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management).

II-SDV Conferences

The  II-SDV meeting takes place in Nice since 2012 for an intensive two days. Venue is the Hotel Plaza in central Nice. The meeting provides an international forum for those in the field of advanced search applications, data and text mining, and visualization technology. The primary focus is on tools for intelligence and the meeting examines the requirements of specialists in scientific and technical information.

II-PIC Conferences in India

For those in the patent world, sharing best practices, networking and evaluating trends have become matters of considerable importance the first II-PIC Meeting & Exhibition will be the significant forum for this, attracting over 200 attendees from the main innovative companies and information, service or software providers. It will be a venue where attendees will learn about new ways to work with disseminate scientific and patent information.