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Why Vienna?

There are many good reasons for inviting important conferences, meetings and conventions to Vienna.

The tradition of Vienna as a major conference site dates back to the year 1815 when the city hosted the peace talks following the Napoleonic Wars ("Congress of Vienna"). Since then, Vienna has established itself as a prime international conference location and ranks among favoured destinations in the world, providing all the infrastructure and professionalism required to successfully organise a convention.

Vienna is clean, green and safe. Delegates will feel at ease when discovering the many facets of this metropolis.
There are no restrictions whatsoever for citizens of any country of the world to enter Austria.

Since January 1st, 1995, Austria is a full member of the European Union, and has hence adopted the official currency of the EU, the Euro.

Vienna is located in the very heart of Europe, which is of benefit to all delegates who will be able to travel to Vienna easily either by plane, car or train. The Vienna International Airport connects the city with the whole world - almost 11 million passengers arrive per year.

But not only travelling to Vienna is easy; the Viennese public transport system offers a modern and highly efficient network of buses, trains, trams and underground lines that will take you almost anywhere in the city in no time at all. With this excellent service you will be able to explore Vienna.

Vienna has always been a gateway to the East. Numerous international enterprises have located their headquarters in Vienna to reach the Eastern European market. More than 15,000 Austrian joint ventures with Eastern European firms make sure that this competence is secured.

The European Patent Office has an office in Vienna and INPADOC-Users know, that the famous legal status database was invented in Vienna.

In Vienna, tradition is not only on exhibit in museums but is a pulsing part of every-day life. Delegates as well as accompanying guests will have a hard time choosing from the great variety of tours and activities that are on offer, such as half-day excursions in Vienna, full-day excursions to Vienna´s surrounding areas as well as pre- and post-convention tours. 

Dr. Haxel Congress and Event Management will be your partner in Vienna.


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