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The Company


 Linguamatics helps organizations to maximize the value derived from information resources through effective deployment of innovative natural language processing (NLP) based technology. The versatile interactive information extraction system, I2E, helps organizations to do much more than simply cope with vast quantities of information. Its unique combination of search and text mining helps organizations to turn this information into a competitive advantage. From life sciences and healthcare to business intelligence, from media analysis to security, users mine large collections of documents, extracting relevant facts, relationships and quantitative data from content such as scientific papers, news feeds, patents, or internal reports. Linguamatics has a rapidly growing user community with I2E deployed at most top-10 pharma companies. The company was founded in 2001, and is based in Cambridge, UK.

Linguamatics’ flagship I2E technology combines four key capabilities to enable users to rapidly extract relevant facts and relationships from large document collections:

  • Natural language processing (NLP): using linguistics to quickly interpret the meaning of unstructured text sources.
  • Search engine approach: where users can define and refine ad hoc queries interactively, returning results in real time.
  • Intuitive reporting: presenting extracted information with drill-down to supporting evidence.
  • Domain knowledge plug-in: providing enhanced semantic search capabilities using domain knowledge such as taxonomies, thesauri and ontologies.

I2E features a client-server architecture built using industry-standard Java and C for use by single users, project teams, or in enterprise-wide deployments. Organizations have full control over source content to be mined, definition of queries and results output.

Find more on www.linguamatics.com


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