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Gernot Gmelin

Novartis Pharma, Switzerland

As IT Architecture specialist, Dr Gernot Gmelin has over 20 years of IT experience. With his strong analytical thinking paired with the necessary resilience, he drove innovation in IT for a major pharmaceutical company. His enthusiasm and motivation to continuously look for business-focused opportunities in new and emerging information technologies coupled with his broad educational and professional background including biology, physics and physiology made him an expert in all stages of IT developments. He introduced and managed several global IT infrastructure standards such as the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI), wireless LAN, remote access services, personal computers, printing and publishing systems. Through his professional background he is frequently a mediator between business units and IT functions.

Dr Gmelin holds a PhD in natural science and degrees in biology as well as physics from the University of Heidelberg. He is a member of many associations such as the ACM, IEEE, Gesellschaft Deutscher Naturforscher und Ärzte and participates in some advisory councils in the IT industry. He is a goal oriented senior consultant with leadership and management experience and is a highly motivated, flexible individual with outstanding analytical skills. He speaks English and German and is experienced in working in international teams.

Work Experience

Knowledge Management (2005 – today): Creating and managing a Knowledge Marketplace for a Swiss pharmaceutical company, enabling the exchange of knowledge and the presentation of new services (IT and others) to get feedback from associates.

IT Standard Management (1997-07): Dr Gmelin selected and defined and managed global IT hardware standards, e.g. personal computers, mobile devices, printing and publishing systems, conference room infrastructure systems, displays and projectors. Appropriate security features were a major criterion in selecting the right devices.

New Technologies Management (1995-08): Leading a global innovative technology team, achieved by involving all global stakeholders an coordinated assets of new technologies to achieve agreed global IT standards.

Public Key Infrastructure (1998-02): Mr. Gmelin initialised the PKI project and was a key player in selecting the PKI platform. At a later time he consulted the PKI project.

Remote Access, WLAN Services (1996-04): Selecting and defining a global standard for mobile working for a global Swiss pharmaceutical company. Mr. Gmelin defined, selected and induced in some cases the development of new services by external IT service providers to achieve a global offer for remote access and for WLAN

Laboratory Automatisation and Robotics (1987-95): Selecting the right laboratory automatisation infrastructure. Where not available Mr. Gmelin developed and built e.g. robotic systems for analytical laboratories in the environmental protection field. He covered all these fields from programming to mechanical construction and system integration.

Neurophysiology, Neuropharmacology (1974-87): Leading and building up Electro-, Neuropharmacological Research Labs at Sandoz Basic Medical Research. Introducing Personal Computers in Research and Development.


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Gernot Gmelin
Gernot Gmelin