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Antony Williams

Royal Society of Chemistry , USA

Antony Williams is the Host of ChemSpider, the online chemistry portal leading the charge towards open and collaborative chemistry. ChemSpider provides access to over 20 million unique chemical entities sourced from over 150 data sources and provides a platform for community based depositions and curation. Tony spent over a decade in the commercial scientific software business as Chief Science Officer for a Cheminformatics software company and during his tenure oversaw their product development, marketing and sales teams. He is an accomplished NMR spectroscopist with over 100 peer-reviewed publications. During his career he was the NMR Technology Leader for the Eastman-Kodak company and has worked in both academia and national government research institutions. He has recently taken his passion for providing access to chemistry related information and software services to the masses by hosting the ChemSpider service.



How Internet Resources are Providing a Collaborative Community for Chemistry (ICIC 2009) Mobile Chemistry and “Generation App” (ICIC 2011) The Big Data Challenges Associated with Building a National Data Repository for Chemistry (ICIC 2013)
Antony  Williams
Antony Williams