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Ron Kaminecki

Dialog, USA

Mr Kaminecki has published articles, presentations, book chapters and even a monthly newsletter on searching of scientific and technical information. He is also a co-author of NISO Standard Z39.58, “Common Command Language for Information Retrieval Systems” which became the basis for the equivalent ISO Standard. He has worked in the area of chemical information since his start at the IIT Research Institute where he was an Associate Information Specialist and has also worked as Manager of Patent Information at Abbott Laboratories, but the brunt of his work has been at Dialog where he has been involved with technical information for all of his thirty-one years at this company. Mr. Kaminecki currently works with patent searchers, attorneys, patent examiners and technical information specialists to resolve problems with information retrieval systems. He has also worked as an expert witness in patent cases and has a patent pending on a distributed information system involving patents themselves.


Overcoming Issues in Implementing Chemical Structure Searching Across Disparate Data Sets (ICIC 2011) Patent Research: How a Patent Document Resists Searching (ICIC 2009)