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Molecular Connections

About Molecular Connections:  Molecular Connections, Bangalore – INDIA, is a premier patent research & analytics company offering professional patent – related support. With more than 15yrs of IP research expertise, Molecular Connections’ division of Intellectual Property comprises of hundreds of IP Professionals from various domains, handholding ‘MNCs, Law firms and IP analysts’ globally in accelerating their intellectual property research matters.

For more information, please go to: http://www.mcresearch.co.in


·         MCPaIRSTM  – Molecular Connections patent information retrieval system – VALUE ADDED Indian full text patent database. This expertly and manually curated, fully searchable knowledgebase consists of all Indian granted and applied patents from 1992.

·         MCDESiGNTM  comprehensive database of registered Indian design patents in an easy to search format. 

·         MCPAT™ – Online delivery platform for customised patent research and analytics.

Both databases cater to a diversified user base of bench scientists, engineers, R & D managers & business professionals.

Highlights: Indian patents, registered designs, legal status, family information, Normalized agent names, Analytics and alerts of your choice – all in one common platform!!