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Biomax provides computational solutions for better decision making and knowledge management in the life science industry. Biomax helps customers generate value from proprietary and public resources by extracting the knowledge indispensable for efficient data exploration and interpretation. They focus on integrating information to enable a knowledge-based approach to develop innovative life science products. The company supports its customers with a platform that combines software products with knowledge resources, including oncology, nutrigenomics, plant research and functional genomics. With the launch of the NeuroXM Brain Science Suite in 2018 Biomax offers products tailored for the field of connectome research. The new Semantic Searching Platform AILANI provides a corporate-wide knowledge repository accessible for everyone, any time and from anywhere. Biomax’s worldwide customer community includes companies and research organizations that are successful in the areas of drug discovery, diagnostics, fine chemicals, food and plant production. 

More information you find at  www.biomax.com

Interested to learn more about AILANI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8fPxVGPxnVg&t=335s

Please join us here for a live demo: https://biomax.webex.com/join/angela.bauch

October 5: 10.30h - 11.15h und 12.45h - 14.00h / October 6: 12.15h - 13.30h und 15.00h - 15.30h

Outside of these times you can reach us here: https://biomax.webex.com/join/philipp.krubasik or drop us a line at philipp.krubasik@biomax.com or angela.bauch@biomax.com