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AI-SDV 2021


There will be a focused exhibition during the conference. The exhibition will be table-top, in an area immediately adjacent to the conference hall and the coffee break areas.

Exhibition space is now selling well for the 2021 AI-SDV meeting in Nice. All exhibitors receive a 10 minute "product presentation" slot during the main conference sessions, and this means we have to limit exhibitor acceptances to an absolute maximum of 12. So if you are intending to apply for exhibition space at this year's conference, please reserve your space sooner rather than later.

An exhibition order form is available via this link.

Exhibition Format

  • Format this year will again be table top (plus back wall where available). Stands are located in an exhibition room and the coffee break area. All exhibitors receive one table, plus two chairs.

Meals / Conference Registration

  • All exhibition staff need to register for the meeting.
    Exhibition staff who wish to attend the conference sessions will need to register for the conference (a conference registration includes all meals and receptions).
    Exhibition staff who do not wish to attend the conference sessions, but who do wish to participate in meals and receptions will need to purchase a meal pass badge.

  • Two exhibitors registrations are free of charge

  • Please note that there is no onsite registration.

Internet Access

  • Internet access (WiFi) is available throughout the exhibition area and is included in the exhibitor stand space fee.

Rental of LCD monitors

  • To save exhibitors the trouble of transporting computer monitors, we have arranged for these to be available from a local company if required.
    Screens must be ordered in advance on the LCD monitor. Please contact office@haxel.com

Exhibition Set-Up and Breakdown

  • The stands may be set up on Monday, 4. October after 09.00 a.m.
    Breakdown will be after 17:00 on Tuesday 5. October

Exhibition Opening Hours

  • On Monday and Tuesday 4. and 5. October, the exhibition will be open from 09:00 until 18:00 each day.

Dispatch of Exhibition Material

  • Advance shipments of material for the exhibition may be sent to the Hotel Aston La Scala  to arrive between 28. September and 2. October. Please note that shipments should not be sent long in advance, since the Hotel Aston La Scala has limited storage facilities. Please note also that all items must be sent prepaid, with all delivery, customs and VAT charges paid by the shipping agent. The Hotel Aston La Scala will not accept goods requiring payments on delivery. Goods needing collection and dispatch after the conference must be pre-packed, and collection with a shipper pre-arranged at latest on 10 April. The Hotel and conference organisers cannot accept responsibility for goods left abandoned after the end of the conference. The material should be addressed to:        

    Hotel Aston La Scala, 12 Avenue Félix Faure - 06000 Nice - France

    II-SDV 2021 // Rosanna Rocchia // phone +33 (0) 492175394    

Location: Hotel Aston La Scala 

12 Avenue Félix Faure - 06000 Nice - France



 Biomax INFORMATICS // DEEP SEARCH 9 // Dolcera // CENTREDOC // Lighthouse IP // Search Technology / VantagePoint


Exhibition Booking Form (pdf, 241.8 kB)
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