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Why should you attend

Why the AI-SDV Meeting?


Artificial Intelligence in the area of Search engines, data and text mining, visualization and text analysis are subjects for many academic research meetings. Often they are also included in other information conferences. The AI-SDV meeting is, however,  the only event that focuses on these tools for those in the professional information community. Similarly, there are many meetings that examine the collection of intelligence. So the AI-SDV meeting is the only international event that focuses on tools for intelligence.

Who should attend the AI-SDV Conference?


The AI-SDV meeting is of importance to all professionals involved in the information world, be they employees or managers in information departments, information tools developers, or patent specialists.  We decided to combine the topics of the ICIC (International Chemical Information Conference) and II-SDV-Meeting and we will run only one conference in Europe.

Why should you attend?

  • To keep yourself up-to-date with the best practices in software-based search, text mining, analysis and visualization.
  • A two-day focus on one clearly defined subject area – search tools and information analysis – enables professionals to improve and hone their skills and to examine possible new ideas. Attending the presentations, and interacting with the speakers, will update you with the best practices and technologies at the moment, in this crucial domain.
  • You will be amongst colleagues who confront similar challenges to those you face and you can benefit from each others' experience. Interaction with the expert speakers and with specialists in the exhibition will provide you with a fresh source of facts and ideas. You will network with other professionals from leading international corporations and research centres in the fields of text analysis, search engines, tools for intelligence.
  • Social networking on electronic media such as Facebook, Linked-In and Twitter enable you to interact with large numbers of people in your subject area. But face-to-face contact such as you will find at the AI-SDV meeting remains unrivalled when it comes to exploring ideas informally and evaluating the experiences and views of others.
  • The knowledge of the best tools for analysing and understanding the contents of information such as that found in patents or in business news is the principal way to anticipate and understand what your organisation's competitors are doing or may be planning to do. Search engines for text analysis, data mining, visualization, mapping ... are among the best ways to confront these crucial challenges for a company or research group.
  • Increasingly in todays world, hard work is the key to success. But unless hard work is complemented by superior skills and professional know-how, hard work alone will not enable companies to survive and thrive. You need to take every opportunity to enhance your professionalism, and this tightly-focused information meeting provides such an opportunity. You can then take the new knowledge you have acquired back to your colleagues in the office. You will become an increasingly credible partner for your managers and for helping them to make intelligent decisions -- intelligence gathering to support decision making.