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René Deplanque

Incot.Net, Germany

Prof. Dr. René Deplanque Dipl. Ing. MSc, MPhil, PhD studied chemical engineer and applied a diploma degree. In 1977, he went to London to attend the Sir John Cass College of Guildhall University, where he received an MSc in electrochemistry, an MPhil in physical chemistry and the Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) for his work on hydrogen absorption in aluminum and titanium alloys. He then worked as a lecturer and research associate at the University of Cambridge on computer modeling, expert systems and multivariate statistical models in electrical and physical chemistry. 
In 1983 he returned to the Federal Republic of Germany and worked for Brown, Boveri & Cie. As Head of the Corrosion Group Division Germany, and was responsible for the organization of data processing for the German Center for Material Technology. 
In 1988, he became the overall project manager of the Gmelin online project and a member of the management of the Gmelin Institute of the Max Plank Gesellschaft Frankfurt. 
In 1994, he became a scientific director at FIZ CHEMIE GmbH, a specialist information center for chemistry in Berlin. 
In 2000, he was awarded the Honorary Professorship for Physical Chemistry at TU-Berlin. 
In 2005, he became the sole managing director of the Chemistry Information Center in Berlin (FIZ CHEMIE GmbH).
In 2012 he left FIZ Chemie Berlin and took over the position as Secretary General of IUPAC (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry). 
Since 2016, he has been the director of Incot.Net, an international organization for the development of ontological systems in the field of big data in chemistry.
Prof. Dr. Deplanque specialized in the use of databases and internet portals. As well as the development of information and communication systems for education and training.
He is a member of several national and international bodies and companies


The "International Chemical Ontology Network" (II-SDV 2017)
René Deplanque
René Deplanque