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QWAM Content Intelligence


The Company


Around 1997-1998, Qwam System developped one of the first internet online content service, which was an early and useful experience in providing content to internet and intranet users.

Early 2000, the needs for large companies to use this expertise lead to the set-up of a service and integration department specialized in search engines, content management, portals and more generally intranet applications.

Working for large companies, Qwam System was bringing to its clients a high level of expertise in the following
fields :

Consulting, integration and service for large IT projects, architecture and exploitation, integration and deployment of intranets and portals, technical assistance for company IT systems
Consulting, integration and service for content management applications, portal and intranet applications.
Development of business or functional components for applications in the fields of content management and for content providers

In the frame of its activities, Qwam System identified new needs due the multiplication of electronic content used in intranet applications and started to develop during its projects dedicated components for specific business needs.

In 2002-2003 a team from Qwam System started to elaborate a software platform embedding the various components that were developped at this stage during integration projects; Qwam E-content Server (QES) became reality. First QES solutions were deployed in the course since 2003.

Qwam E-content Server (QES) business unit had been growing and its solutions are now adopted by more than a hundred of companies and organizations for the following applications :

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