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TEMIS helps organizations structure, manage and exploit their unstructured information assets. Its flagship analytics application, Luxid® Navigator, charts the biopharma landscape by aggregating relevant open data and enables intelligent navigation into clinical trials, expert profiles, ongoing research, adverse events, and news that are relevant to the user’s topic of interest : indication, intervention, mechanism of action, … It enables Life Sciences professionals to find and share critical information faster, and make better informed clinical, regulatory, and business decisions. Luxid®’s information extraction pipeline can also be deployed standalone within the information system where it identifies and extracts targeted information and semantically enriches content with domain-specific metadata, enabling organizations to more intelligently manage, archive, access and and analyze their growing volumes of information.

Founded in 2000, TEMIS operates in the United States, Canada, UK, France and Germany, and is represented worldwide through its network of certified partners.

Website: http://www.temis.com Blog: tagline.temis.com Follow us on Twitter: @TEMIS_Group