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Peter Loew

InfoChem, Germany

Peter Löw received his Ph.D. Degree in chemistry from the Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich and did post-doctoral studies at Imperial Chemical Industries (UK). He is the founder of CHEMODATA Computer-Chemie GmbH, Gröbenzell, Germany (1986) and was its Managing Director until the merger with InfoChem GmbH in 1992. In 1989, he founded InfoChem Gesellschaft für chemische Information mbH, Germany, and is its Managing Director since that date. Peter is also Managing Director of InfoChimia GmbH, Berlin, Germany, a wholly owned subsidiary of InfoChem GmbH.


Knowledge-Based De Novo Molecular Design Using ICSYNTH FRP (ICIC 2014) Challenges in Next Generation Scientific and Patent Information Mining (ICIC 2011) Novel approach to retrosynthesis - automatic generation of transform libraries (ICIC 2006) ChemProspector: Advanced Mining and Searching of Chemical Content in Patent Documents (ICIC 2010) A View of Recent Computer Aided Synthesis Developments (ICIC 2012)