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Monday 4. October 2021

Conference starts at 09:00

Opening by Christoph Haxel (Dr. Haxel CEM, Germany)

Ping Pong – Playful Knowledge Transfer

In the coming years, an immense number of people will retire from the workforce as the so-called "baby boomers" reach retirement age. This poses a major challenge to science and industry, because this is the generation that is responsible for much of the scientific and technical growth of the last three decades. Among other things, they have paved the way for modern genome-based medicine, such as genome sequencing, gene synthesis and the copying and amplification of genetic material. They revolutionized diagnostics, enabled genome editing with CRISPR/CAS and after all: they were the ones who started all that “digitalization” thing. But what happens to the knowledge and expertise of these professionals when they get retired? The risk of a collective loss of internal (organizational) memory is substantial. As organizations face the potential loss of precious knowledge, the question arises: how can this knowledge be captured and made available for future generations? How can we make sure that this knowledge is made reusable? Somehow, the expert "thinking" must be “computerized” and turned into a format that allows to make it available to others. The good news is: We have a solution for that. We use an easy-to-use authoring tool as a knowledge-digitization-guide and let professionals play “ping pong” without forcing them to deal with basic principles of formal knowledge representations. “Ping pong” is a metaphor for an innovative approach to "playfully" bring knowledge from the minds of experts into a reusable form (a graph) that can then be used by network algorithms and thus be considered “in the computer". Our integrated intelligence approach creates a synergistic collaboration between human beings and modern AI techniques. Initial starting point is a mind map, a well-established and widely used, simple tool for the capturing of ideas and concepts. The professional makes a first sketch of the knowledge representation that will be the subject of the “ping pong” match. This first overview of topics, ideas and concepts is the "ping", a request to the machine for supporting, context expanding answers (“pong”) to extend the graph step by step by new aspects. In this dynamic, iterative process, the concept overview becomes a highly enriched knowledge graph, which can then be added to a constantly growing Enterprise Science & Technology Graph.

AILANI for clinical competitive landscaping

AILANI is a novel and unique semantic search enterprise solution for fast, easy and comprehensive knowledge discovery. It combines semantic modelling, ontologies, linguistics and artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms in a self-refining system that delivers results based on inter-related meaning of facts. AILANI not just allows for phrase searches as well as structured queries, it offers its users a unique hybrid natural language question answering system combining machine learning algorithms with semantic network-based "prior knowledge" inference. It integrates seamlessly with existing infrastructure and helps leverage knowledge buried both in decade old data as well as data derived from news feeds and clinical trials providing real-time semantic analysis of breaking news. For the pharmaceutical industry it is critical to stay up to date with the latest clinical trials news for decision-making in drug development. Integration of the relevant data and using ontology-based refiners enables fast and efficient retrieval of information about the clinical competitive landscape.


New Product Introductions: Biomax INFORMATICS // DEEP SEARCH 9 // CENTREDOC

Exhibition and Networking Break

Integrated Artificiel Intelligence – A Factory Progress Report

AI is not something futuristic any more, but has become an integrated part of our day to day life in IP. Earlier on, AI applications were isolated elements of the searcher’s activities; today, they are fully integrated in the workflow of technology monitoring, allowing to undertake the step from Artificial to Augmented Intelligence.

AI is Not Magic: Part II


Abstract is coming soon.

New Product Introductions: Lighthouse IP // Search Technology / VantagePoint

Lunch, Exhibition and Networking

Synonym and AI

Synonym breaks search! How? Why is this important? What synonym is and how it breaks search will be explained with real-world examples. AI-based solutions are proposed, and relevant standards are identified. How synonym solutions should be used for search are explained. Learn what you can do yourself. Tools help, but it doesn’t have to be complicated, nor expensive. It is as straight forward as setting priorities!

New Product Introductions: Dolcera

Exhibition and Networking Break

The secret of successful CI: precise targeting + immediate discovery

New technologies like CRISPR-CAS or mRNA based vaccines require CI teams to constantly screen the market for opportunities and threats. The need for more focused intelligence that is targeted to the company’s strategic plans and faster access to critical information for decision makers has been increasing dramatically: More opportunities can be turned into a competitive advantage and management can avert potential threats before they become problematic. Monitoring early technology development, finding licensing opportunities or acquisition targets as well as quick access to broad clinical trial information and close surveillance of the competition are key disciplines of CI teams in R&D;

Mapping Canadian Patented Inventions