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Founded in 2004 by a group of business & technology entrepreneurs and inventors, Dolcera is a next generation patent and information analytics company. Our proprietary patent search strategy and domain expertise combined with our game changing AI/ML driven tools like PCS and E-Search enable us to offer top notch patent search and analytics services to our diverse clientele in key decision-making areas of IP strategy & creation, litigation, portfolio analysis, competitive intelligence, product development and licensing.

Our AI- driven tools and services include:

  • Dolcera PCS – A deep-learning driven superfast patent search engine that offers domain specific Semantic and taxonomy-oriented search capabilities for Patent portfolio analysis, Prior Art, Invalidation and licensing searches.
  • Dolcera Machine learning for Auto-categorization – The transparent, customizable system solves the problem of human bias or comprehension of a patent when classifying them by leveraging proprietary Dolcera AI/ML. The system gives complete control to the user to deliver highly accurate categorized documents with a quick turn around.
  • Dolcera Enterprise Search (E-Search) – Dolcera Enterprise Search is a machine learning enabled enterprise-wide search engine integrated with various value added features and smart charts. The application uses patent documents, scientific literature, product information or generally other technical documents inside a company. The system lets users have access to all the related files with minimal clicks to generate actionable insights.
  • Dolcera ETSI Dashboard – A collection of SEP from various technologies and various specifications updated regularly + PCS (AI driven patent search tool) links the SEPs declared under the specific technical standards & visualize the information for.

Our bespoke services include IP research, technical review, business research and newsletter alerts which help our clients make key strategic decisions in relation to:

  • Choosing the right technology
  • Filing & protecting the right IP
  • Standard mapping and claim charting
  • Product enhancement
  • IP, technical & business landscapes
  • Competitive intelligence
  • Regulatory landscape

The amalgamation of Dolcera’s AI driven tools, IP services & market research capabilities have time and again assisted our clients in managing their IP & non-IP assets systematically, while enhancing their overall decision-making process.

For further information visit: www.dolcera.com

Our Global presence:

  • USA: California, Chicago
  • Europe: Germany, UK
  • Asia: India, China