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Dolcera was founded by in 2004 by a group of business and technology entrepreneurs and inventors. Our mission is to provide the highest quality analysis and research services to our legal and technology clients.

We offer a variety of patent analytic services for our clients. Our proprietary search strategy and experience allow us to provide a comprehensive search and analysis report. Dolcera's patent analytics are performed by technology experts having search and patent expertise. Our patent analytics services include:

  • Patent Search
  • Patent Landscapes
  • Alerts and Updates

Dolcera provides world-class business research and analytics capabilities. Our rigorous, fact-based approach combines precision and creativity with third-party objectivity to uncover hidden trends and opportunities for our clients. Our business and market research services include

  • Market Trend Analysis
  • Competitive Trends
  • Alerts and Updates.

Dolcera can assist you to identify key knowledge needs and bottlenecks that you face with intellectual property management. Dolcera can also help companies develop an overall knowledge management strategy. Dolcera's dashboard has been utilized by many clients as a knowledge repository for their research needs. This includes:

  • Conducting knowledge audit in innovation environment
  • Intellectual Property Management Repository 

For further information visit: www.dolcera.com