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Lighthouse IP


Tupolevlaan 81

1119 PA, Schiphol-Rijk

The Netherlands

T: +31 (0) 85 8000 024

E: info@lighthouseip.com

W: www.lighthouseip.com


Lighthouse IP is the world’s leading provider of intellectual property content. The core business of Lighthouse IP is sourcing and creating content from the world’s most challenging authorities. Specialized in IP data, Lighthouse IP provides over 150 countries coverage for patents and trademarks. Lighthouse IP data is available via several partners. The company is headquartered in Amsterdam-Schiphol in the Netherlands and has offices in the United States, China, Thailand, Vietnam, Egypt, Indonesia and Belarus. Globally a team of 150 experts works on the creation of this unique data collection. 

Patent Global Bibliographic and Legal Data Collection (DIAMOND)

Lighthouse IP currently directly sources the official gazette of over 150 different countries.Data is created manually from the gazettes as soon as they are published. This enables Lighthouse IP to provide a stable and reliable data feed for many additional national offices available from other sources. The collection includes inventions and utility models. There are two separate data products offered, one for the bibliographic data and one for the legal data. The data is delivered in XML format base on the WIPO standards ST.9 and ST.17 for bibliographic and legal event data published in the gazettes. English translations and original text data are provided along with normalized names of persons and companies. 

Patent Full Text Collection

Lighthouse IP has specialized in creating the largest collection of full text searchable patents. Currently the coverage offers access to more than 70 authorities. All of these XML files include original versions of the patent document and machine translations into English. Updating for all authorities is regular and in line with the publication frequency of the national office. 

Trademark Collection

The Lighthouse IP Trademark Collection contains the data of 150 authorities. For all authorities backfile and frontfile are created, and made available in data feeds based on XML structures. Including translated owner names, classes, lists of goods and services and all relevant meta data, this collection is unique for use in trademark research. 

PatentWarehouse.com ™ Image and XML archive 

Via the PatentWarehouse.com platform Lighthouse IP provides API access to the world’s largest repository of patent publications in PDF format. For all its full text holdings Lighthouse IP has added the original full records and machine translations in XML format.