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Nicko Goncharoff

Digital Science, UK

Nicko Goncharoff is Director of Publisher Relations, working with Digital Science portfolio companies present their products and services to the publishing industry. Nicko also wears the hat of Director of Knowledge Discovery, managing Digital Science businesses that offer products that make it easier for researchers to search and access information and data. One of the first members of Digital Science, Nicko joined through the acquisition of his company, SureChem, in 2010. Both SureChem, and Reel Two, a previous start-up of which Nicko was also co-founder, made extensive use of text mining technologies across large full text datasets. Prior to becoming a software entrepreneur, Nicko worked in financial journalism and travel writing (the former helping fund the latter). His interests include Chinese language, bluegrass guitar and faster-than-light travel, along with the more accessible, earthbound variety.


From SureChem to SureChEMBL (ICIC 2014) Integrating Proprietary and Public Collections of Pharmaceutically Relevant Small Molecules in the Patent Literature with Reference To Neglected Diseases (ICIC 2011) Opening Patent Chemistry to the Scientific Community (ICIC 2012)